Australian Federal Police AFP (uKash) Remote Virus Removal - by phone & Internet (outside Sydney)

Your computer or laptop shows a screen pretending to be from the Australian Federal Police demanding $100 to stop you going to prison for a variety of crimes, like copyright infringement, negligent computer use, pornography, child pornography and gambling.

It requests you send $100 within 48 hours using a service called uKash. DO NOT continue. This is a scam. Paying any money will not unlock the system as the system is locked by a variety of different trojans and malware. No two infections are the same, so a multi-prong virus removal strategy will need to be employed in order to remove this fraudulent scam from your computer.

Current infections of the Australia Federal Police Ukash Ransom Virus (a derivative of the Reveton.B virus and also known as Vundo) are also found with the ZeroAccess rootkit. This combination makes removal difficult, but not impossible. We also tend to find other malware, trojans, spyware and rootkits installed on machines. If your machine has the AFP virus, you probably have about 3 or 4 others as well as browser hijacks like Snap.Do, Qvo6, Conduit or Searchqu (there are about 30 other major ones).

You most likely got the virus through exploits "loopholes" in software like Java, Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader. It tends to be piggybacked onto adverts displayed to you, generally after your browser has been hijacked.

We have encountered at least 7 different versions of this virus so far, but we know there are more.

The Australian Federal Police AFP (uKash) virus (and other infections) performs some or all of the following functions:

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Be sure to get a quote by filling in the form below, or call (02) 9889 4889 between 10am and 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney Time) to make an appointment. We will take you through the process of removal over the phone and then via the Internet.

Please be aware that this process is not quick. The time is dependent on several factors, but generally this can take up to 3 hours or more. You will need to be in front of your computer for at least an hour so that we can direct the initial removal over the phone. Once that is achieved we can remotely access your machine and continue. In some instances we may even need to send you a disk in the mail (at no additional charge) in order to get the process started. Australian Federal Police AFP (uKash) virus removal is our passion so we guarantee to find a solution to your problem or we will not charge you.

We accept payment by Credit Card and PayPal for phone and remote support. If you would like to pay using another method this will need to be arranged prior to commencement.