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TurboYourPC Virus Removal

You were probably conned into downloading TurboYourPC through a Facebook, Instagram or other webpage advert. This software is a gateway to problems.


The TurboYourPC website salespage lists a huge range of things that it will "speed" up your machine or promise "you won't need to buy a new computer". While regularly servicing your computer will extend its lifespan, there is no "magic bullet" software that will cure all computer problems.

There are numerous fake reviews on the internet, especially on sites that push other such fake/malicious/scam type software. This software is designed for one purpose only - to get money out of you using any means necessary.

Computer problem solving is a complex web of interconnected, irrelated and conflicting pieces of software, stuff like TurboYourPC often exacerbates the problem even more - which leads to an even slower computer.

Not only does Get It Fixed remove TurboYourPC, but we also:

What we do not do is: reformat your computer, reinstall the operating system or reset the computer back to factory default - this approach always leads to having to spend more time resetting your computer up and headaches with email configuration, file transfer and other annoyances. Get It Fixed will investigate the reasons why your computer may have been slow in the first place - the reason you were prompted to "use" TurboYourPC, these include:

Most of which cannot be fixed with a software tool and require an internal hardware investigation of the device.

Be sure to get a quote by filling in the form, or call (02) 9967 5306. We can come out and pick up your computer, or perform the work onsite if need be and sort is out as quickly as possible. We quote you upfront so that you know exactly how much it is going to cost.

Our team of nerds like nothing better than a tricky virus to sink their teeth into, getting your computer clean and operating smoothly as quickly and painlessly as possible. Virus and Scam removal is our passion so we guarantee to find a solution to your problem or we will not charge you.


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