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New Computer Setup

When you get your new computer you are faced with a few challenges: A new windows operating system,transferring your files, emails and settings across, creating recovery disks, installing your existing equipment and for any new equipment, setting up your backup solution and customising the windows operating system environment to suit the type of functions you are going to use the computer or laptop for.

Don't worry we are here to help. One of the most important things we have found with improving computer and system performance is making sure that everything is set up correctly and optimally when you first get your laptop or desktop. Often we have found people with computer systems that are 2 or 3 years old that haven't even finished the set up process properly. Usually this is because they were not even aware that it was important. There is also the important thing that almost everyone neglects and that is backup! Having a good backup solution from the start will protect you down the line when the unthinkable happens - you lose those crucial business documents, precious baby photos, holiday videos or even your whole wedding or other special occasions!

Get It Fixed ensures that your new system is set up and installed correctly the first time allowing for much smoother and trouble free computing in the future. We also offer a regular maintenance check-up as well to keep your system running optimally and the way you like it. You wouldn't dream of not servicing your car to keep it running well - the same applies to your computer. Regular routine maintenance is essential to good performance and the longevity of the system. You've invested a lot of money into your new computer, you might as well make it last.

It is always best to contact us or a make a booking before you buy your new computer to make sure that you are getting everything you need and don't have to make several trips to the store because they did not sell you that bit of software or that pesky cable to plug in the thingy-majig. We can also provide you with advice on what you should be buying as well as source the equipment for you (through our corporate buying accounts) if you like.

We collect all your equipment and set it all up for you, or come out to you perform all the work.

All you have to do now is call (02) 9967-5306 or Fill in the form and get a quote and book your job and tell us how we can help you.

How can we help you?
Pickup & Return Available

How can we help you?
Pickup & Return Available