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Printer Problems Solved

Is your printer giving you hassles? It is probably the most irritating thing when you have got those important documents that need printing and then the printer just does not want to print anything for you- and if it does there are other problems that get in your way.

Get It Fixed is Sydney's most sought after computer problem solving company. We specialise in home and small business assistance. Our business is helping you to solve all your printer installation related problems and provide you with an quick, trustworthy, reliable and economical service.

"Printers are cheap these days, why not just buy another one?" - this not a solution as often times the problem carries over to the new printer because the problem is not with the printer, but with the computer (and admittedly sometimes the user). You may have a pile of cartridges you spend a small fortune on that you can't use with any other model of printer or new printers may not have the features, form factor or other specifications that you require.

We can assist you in solving the problems causing your printer, network printer or multifunction from creating chaos in your life:

Can't scan?

You need to send scanned documents via email or archive receipts for tax time or keep records for other purposes and the scanner on your printer just isn't working. We have seen a wide variety of scanner related problems on multifunction printers and resolved almost all of them (where damage was not an issue). Scanning can be quite complicated, so we find the solution that best suits the way you want to use your scanner.

Can't fax?

Yes fax. Our team understand fax duet, single line fax/voice and lines with answering machines, etc. You tell us what you want to achieve and we help you get what you want with your printer fax system.

Fill in the form as best you can and we will contact you with the most economical quote to sort out your printer problem.

How can we help you?
Pickup & Return Available

How can we help you?
Pickup & Return Available